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Features and Benefits

EVM Executive Edition links internal management targets and actions with an external investor perspective and is specifically designed for companies seeking to ambitiously create stakeholder value.

Connect performance objectives with company valuation
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  One of the most popular methods of corporate valuation on Wall Street is the DCF, or Discounted Cash Flow model. The assumption behind the DCF model is that a business is worth the present value of its future free cash flows, not traditional accounting measures of corporate performance. EVM Executive Edition offers a framework that better explains the dynamic relationship between performance and corporate valuation by linking internal management targets and actions with an external investor perspective.

Top down goal setting and bottom up executable plan forming  
  Executives may discuss top-down goals and value-driven forecasts in financial terms, while business unit managers think in terms of units of measure. By combining top-down modeling and planning with bottom-up execution plan forming as a continual process — with common value drivers and assumptions — businesses can change operational plans rapidly and efficiently, while identifying and analyzing the gaps in between.

Visualized organization structure planning
  Company from time to time need to make changes to its current business organization to position itself for a new era of growth and success. Executives can perform what-if analysis based on different organization structures by just adding or deleting organization units or changing the reporting levels of organization units. This feature helps companies align their organizations more tightly and streamline internal processes so that companies can achieve greater operational efficiency.

Multi-dimensional revenue forecasting with seven built-in pricing models available
  Front-line managers can perform bottom-up revenue and cost of revenue forecasts by regions, customer segments and by product items or projects. The built-in business forecast disciplines help marketing and sales executives understand product strengths and weaknesses, identify channel and alliance opportunities, assess how customers react on company’s promotional programs, as well as perform what-if analysis on product pricing strategies to counter competitors’ offerings.

Expense budgets and forecasts generated by departmental activity-based events and organizational headcount plan
  Resources should not be allocated through negotiation and horse-trading, instead, should be allocated in accordance with the value creation efforts. EVM Executive Edition provides an effective expense budgeting mechanism to increase accountability. Business line managers submit their expense budgets and headcount plans based on the activities or internal projects that their departments will perform or accomplish during the forecasting periods. The performance of each project or departmental activity will then be tracked and compared against the preset goals to increase accountability and to facilitate effective allocation of resources.

Rolling forecast allowing continuous and effective strategic planning
  Most “static” annual budget processes fail to provide a clear vision of the enterprise’s impending direction. Continuous planning and forecasting is replacing traditional annual planning and budgeting as key elements in effective corporate performance management system. EVM Executive Edition offers the rolling forecast function that allows organizations to effectively integrate the ongoing strategic planning process with the specific quantifiable measures to prompt executives to think outside the minutiae of the budget and short-term goals and instead focus on long-term value creation.

What-if scenarios analysis based on user-defined KPI
  The ability to test the financial consequences of a decision is critical to any business strategy. Testing new ideas on a practical level is a risky operation. What a business really needs is the ability to try out a series of different what-if scenarios in the safety of a virtual environment. EVM Executive Edition enables executives to see the financial benefits or drawbacks of new ideas before they put them into practice. It also provides employees with understanding on how their daily actions impact value. For example, marketing executives may want to see what happen to the operating results if they bundle several product items together into one product package or if they apply different pricing structures to any specific product item. Sales executives may want to see what happen if the company reduce the unit price of a specific product item to meet the competitors’ offerings. Operation executives may want to tell what it will happen to the cost of sales if they can increase the production yield rate of a specific product.

Public company financials and ratios for performance benchmarking
  EVM provides selected financial information of some public companies within your same industry in Financial Comparison module for benchmarking purpose.

Roll-up and consolidation through Import/Export  
  The Import and Export features help the parent company to consolidate organization headcount and financial statements of subsidiaries by just a click of a button. Data can be consolidated from unlimited number of subsidiaries or financial reporting units, which may or may not have different line of business with different chart of accounts.
Flexible variance analysis
  EVM Executive Edition provides flexible and powerful variance analysis capability through which revenue and cost of revenue variances are broken down into price variance and quantity variance by region, by customer segment and/or by product line. With EVM, executives can easily compare actual vs. budget, rolling forecast vs. budget, or any two files created under different scenarios.
All reports and forecast assumptions downloadable to Excel
  EVM Executive Edition offers a large variety of built-in reports that are downloadable to Excel. All of the user assumptions and supporting calculations and details are also printable and downloadable to Excel to facilitate further data processing.
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