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Finance & Administration Outsourcing Services

If you want something done right, do it yourself!

This adage still rings true for many things but not in the increasingly cost-conscious, core-focused world of business.

More and more executives are finding that no company, no matter how strong, can be effective at everything. There just isnít enough money, time or energy to achieve excellence in every aspect of business operations. Successful companies concentrate on what they do best and free up management time to focus on what is most fundamental to their business, while finding alternative ways to handle non-core functions. Top-echelon executives are increasingly outsourcing processes that are essential, but not unique, to their company, including finance and accounting, human resources and other administrative functions.

The logic is simple: if someone else can perform non-core activities better, faster and less expensively, why keep them in-house? The case is particularly clear for small businesses who may need help with finance and administration on an ongoing or project basis but do not believe that the amount of work justifies adding a person/s to their payroll.

Why outsource Finance and Administration functions?

Governance One's financial consulting/outsourcing services enable your organization to:

•  Lower operating costs with more efficiencies
•  Sharper focus on core competencies by shifting managerís focus from routine tasks to more value added undertakings
•  Higher revenues that result from having a more focused team
•  Access best-of-breed talent and technology without huge capital investment

What services do we provide?

Start Smart
•  Pick the right business entity
•  Incorporation services
•  Business registration services
•  Insurance coverage selection services

Accounting & Data Processing Services
•  Financial statements compilation
•  Accounting & record keeping services
•  Accounts payables & vendor management
•  Accounts receivables and collections
•  Travel and expense processing
•  Employee payroll

Strategic Financial Management
•  Management reporting & analysis
•  Budgeting & financial forecasting
•  Financial control & process procedures
•  Financial systems support & training
•  Business plan development
•  Business financing & capital raising
•  Business valuation & exit planning
•  M&A due diligence services

Tax Filing & Planning Services
•  Business taxes filing & compliance
•  Income tax returns filing
•  Federal & state income tax planning
•  Transfer pricing strategies
•  Record keeping for tax purposes
•  Contacts with tax or government agencies
•  Tax audit representation

Corporate Record Management Services
•  Corporate counsel support
•  Stock administration
•  Corporate record filing & maintenance
•  Investor relationship management
•  Contract management
•  Dissolution and liquidation

Human Resource Management
•  Employee handbook & corporate policies
•  Employee benefit administration
•  Organization structure planning
•  Employee recruiting
•  Performance review program design
•  Employee training seminars
•  Insurance & workers compensation
•  Employee survey

eBusiness Enabler
•  Business process optimization
•  Take the back office administration online
•  Website establlshing & function design
•  eBusiness project management
•  Data analysis and decision-support system

Governance One is committed to meeting the needs of its customers by furnishing quality financial and administration outsourcing services at reasonable and affordable costs. Our F&A professionals align their best-in-class processes, tools, and strategies with yours to become an integral resource and a valuable extension of your in-house finance and accounting capabilities. With detailed requirements analysis, thorough due diligence, best in class benchmarking, and extensive financial management expertise, Governance One ensures the success of your Financial Management and Planning consulting/outsourcing project from beginning to end.

No fee for the first meeting or telephone conference. Contact us today at info5 @ GovernanceOne.com for assistance.

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