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Premium Support

Premium Support provides a dedicated customer support representative and guarantees faster response time, unlimited free phone contact, toll-free access (in the U.S. only), and unlimited cases.

Dedicated Customer support representative
Each Premium Support Service customer will have a dedicated customer support representative assigned to their account and cases, and all calls and cases will consistently be routed to that individual. Any EVM Executive Edition user may contact the designated customer support representative.

Response Time
Premium Support Customer cases will be responded to, if not resolved, within 2 hours for Web-Submissions and e-mails received weekdays between 9 AM PST and 6 PM PST. For Web-Submissions and e-mails received outside those hours, you will receive a response during the next business day. Your designated customer support representative will call you back or e-mail a response, depending on the complexity of your queries.

Toll-Free Hotline
With Premium Support, all EVM Executive Edition users within your organization will be able to access the toll-free Premium Support hotline. Callers must authenticate themselves by providing their company name, user ID and Premium Support Account Code.

Unlimited Free Phone Contact
Each Premium Support customer will be entitled to unlimited hours of free support through telephone contact. Governance One reserves the right to limit each telephone call to one hour. Support via telephone is available 9 AM PST to 6 PM PST, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

Unlimited Web-Submission and E-mail Support
Premium Support customers may submit an unlimited number of cases via Web-Submission or e-mail. Premium Support customers can submit questions electronically using the online Support Request Form on the Governance One web site. Customers can also contact their dedicated customer support representative by e-mail.

Premium Support is available to EVM Executive Edition customers for an annual fee of $695.

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Enroll in the Premium Support Plan online, or call 1-866-309-0888 weekdays between 9 AM PST and 6 PM PST.

Please review the Premium Support Terms and Conditions online. Terms, conditions, support features, pricing, and support availability are subject to change at anytime without notice.

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