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EVM Executive Edition is incredibly easy to use and powerful. In just hours, your executives will be managing their performance targets and budgets. There is no easier way for your team to get started with EVM. Sign up today for a free 30-day trial.

EVM Executive Edition

Corporate executives are facing key challenges in the tasks that they must complete and how well they deliver. "Shareholder value, stakeholder value, EVA, NPV, CFROI, intellectual capital, value disciplines, six sigma, balanced scorecard; and a flurry of other performance measures" - Executives should not neglect any of these ideas, nor should they over-invest in any one particular idea. Top management’s challenges are too complex to be solved by one guru or one theory. The diligence involved in designing and implementing a successful enterprise value management system involves developing a successful planning and performance-management approach that works for your company. Even the most sophisticated financial measures will fail if they are not suitable for your situation; a less sophisticated approach can create significant value more efficiently if it is tailored to your industry and your company’s specific needs.

With that in mind, Governance One offers Enterprise Value Management (“EVM”) System – Executive Edition to help executives manage their companies’ value-creation processes. EVM Executive Edition aligns a company's overall aspirations, analytical techniques, and management processes with the key value drivers and is notable as a complete solution that executives can rely on to keep themselves—and their companies—on their pathway to success.

From strategic planning to operational execution, EVM Executive Edition is a single and comprehensive value management application that delivers the following:

Strategic Business Planning
A company from time to time needs to make changes to its current business strategy to position itself for a new era of growth and success. Companies can improve baseline earnings to meet or exceed shareholders’ expectations by squeezing more profit out of existing capabilities, or by organizing in new ways to develop initiatives that could generate new earnings. Decision-making value comes from the analysis and simulation steps required to evaluate alternative decisions and influence what will happen. For example, EVM’s visualized organization structure planning feature allows executives to perform what-if analysis based on different organizational structures by simply adding or deleting organization units or changing the reporting levels of organization units. This feature helps companies align their organizations as a more cohesive unit and streamline internal processes so that companies can achieve greater operational efficiency.

EVM Executive Edition gives executives the ability to use top-down modeling and planning which gives a clear communication of corporate goals and objectives. EVM also help executives identify and diagnosis the business’s value drivers, and as a continual process, companies can modify their operational plans quickly and efficiently while identifying and analyzing the gaps in between. With EVM, your strategic planning process will become much easier and provide a better sense of which direction your company is heading.

Sales & Marketing Analysis
Companies always try to get more from their sales and marketing efforts. To make the right investment in sales and marketing, managers must be clear on what and how they are offering. For example, should your company offer integrated solutions or just sell bundled products? Should you lower your pricing by 20% to meet competitors’ offering? The ability to predict the financial consequences of a decision is critical to any business strategy. Testing new ideas on a practical level is a risky operation. What a business really needs is the ability to test a series of different what-if scenarios in the safety of a virtual, risk free environment. With the built-in business forecast disciplines and flexible product pricing models, EVM allows front-line managers to perform bottom-up multidimensional revenue forecasts based on their best knowledge and judgments. EVM enables sales and marketing executives to see the financial benefits or drawbacks of their selling strategies before actually putting them into practice.
EVM’s revenue forecast framework helps marketing and sales executives understand product strengths and weaknesses, identify marketing channels, identify alliance opportunities, and evaluate the effectiveness of company’s promotional programs. EVM Executive Edition is the perfect choice for companies that aspire to dramatically improve the efficiency and accuracy of their revenue forecasting processes.

Budgeting Process
Budgets should be created and linked to the companies’ strategy and objectives and should be refined and monitored on an ongoing basis. EVM Executive Edition provides an effective expense budgeting mechanism to increase accountability. Executives identify the value drivers and create top down budgets while business line managers submit their expense budgets and headcount plans based on the activities or internal projects that their departments need to perform and accomplish during the forecasted periods. The performance of each project or departmental activity will then be closely tracked and compared to the preset goals to increase accountability and to facilitate effective allocation of resources.
Increasingly the brutally efficient nature of business today requires companies to dramatically improve their budgeting process efficiency. With EVM Executive Edition, company can have a highly disciplined and efficient process for creating and monitoring budgets. With EVM, resources will not be allocated through negotiation and horse-trading. Instead resources will be allocated in accordance with the entire value creation efforts.

Rolling Forecast and What-if Modeling
With today’s business and competitive environment, once a year planning or twice a year forecasting is no longer acceptable. Survival is based on flexibility and agility where budgets and forecasts must be tied to company strategy and refined as the business environment changes. EVM’s rolling forecast function allows organizations to effectively integrate the continuous strategic planning process with the specific quantifiable measures to urge executives to think not only in the short run but also focusing on long term goals.
The ability to predict the financial consequences of a decision is critical to any business strategy. Testing new ideas on a practical level is a risky operation. What a business really needs is the ability to test a series of different what-if scenarios in the safety of a virtual, risk free environment. EVM provides answers to those what-if questions by simulating various scenarios in projecting the impact of their decisions and allows the company to change the forecast when appropriate. EVM enables executives to see the financial benefits or drawbacks of new ideas before actually putting them into practice. It also provides employees with an understanding on how their daily actions impact the company’s value. Executives can easily maintain and manage multiple versions of forecasts themselves based on different forecasting assumptions and scenarios.

Benchmarking Company Performance
EVM incorporates enterprise value metrics, key performance indicators together with performance management to provide managers an ideal performance evaluation model.
EVM provides selected financial information of numerous, major public companies within the same industry in the Financial Comparison module for benchmarking purposes. In this way, the company can set performance standards and achieve superior performance that results in a more competitive advantage in the market. With EVM, companies can identify processes that need improvement, compare internal process against similar activities of industry leaders which provides an objective basis for making improvements, and implement change for better efficiency and effectiveness.

Consolidation and Variance Analysis
The Import and Export features help the parent company to consolidate organization headcount and financial statements of subsidiaries with a click of a button. Data can be consolidated from an unlimited number of subsidiaries or financial reporting units. Companies may be in a different industry or have a different chart of accounts. With EVM, companies can provide a single, centralized and forward-looking view of the organization’s financial and operational performance data.
EVM Executive Edition provides flexible and powerful variance analysis capability through which the variances of revenue and cost of revenue are broken down into price and quantity variance by product package, product item, sales region, and customer segment. With EVM, executives can easily compare actual vs. budgeted, rolling forecast vs. budgeted forecast, or any other two files created under different scenarios. Executives can direct their attention towards significant variances right away and resolve those differences to reduce the company’s risk.

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